How homeowners can take care of their natural wood products

Natural wood items seem to be making a comeback and gray and neutral tones are on their way out…so say some fashion designers.

If you too are into the warm look of natural wood in your beams, cabinetry, shelving, or other interior and exterior items; then this article is for you.

Taking the time to care for your natural woodwork, will greatly extend the lifespan of your items.  It can be time consuming and if you do not want to spend the time but still want to keep them looking great.  No problem!

Tobin’s Home Services, a great handyman in Tennessee, can help keep your natural woodwork design looking its best and all you have to do is make one call.

Tobin’s Home Services recommended tips to care for your natural woodwork

Caring for natural woodwork in your home can be time consuming, but the effort is worth it.


  • Keep dry – Wooden furniture, especially near a water or humid source like windows, dishwashers, and sinks can introduce humidity and moisture to your furniture and other wood products. Wiping down wood products and using a dehumidifier, as necessary, will help prevent decay and rot.
  • Keep clean – Wooden furniture will also collect dust from time to time. If not cleaned regularly, you could get scratches and the dust will dull the surface, which over time could require rebuffing. Using a microfiber cloth to clean your wooden furniture on a regular basis would be your best option.


Keeping natural woodwork clean and dry will help reduce other maintenance items, like:

  • Stains – If a spill is not removed quickly, the wood will act like a sponge and absorb the stain into the wood itself, which over time will prevent you from removing the stain without refinishing.

If found early enough, you can usually use a non-alkaline soap and microfiber cloth to scrub lightly on the stains. Make sure you thoroughly dry the surface after.


Over time, your natural woodwork will fade, decay and may even need repairs.

Stains, scratches and other scars, if neglected, will be ingrained into the wood and could require refinishing; either by you or a professional like Tobin’s Home Services.  Tobin’s Home Services is your house handyman in Tennessee who can restore your natural woodwork item back to its original glory.

Call or Email Tobin’s Home Services today to find out what carpentry services in Tennessee they offer and how they can help.  Homeowners, just like you, have been working with Tobin’s Home Services for over 20 years for help with installations, maintenance and restoration of your cabinetry, and a host of many other services.  Whether installation, maintenance or restoration, we can help.