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Need a Paint Contractor to give your Home that New Look?

Home painting is an easy way to improve the value of your house. Brighten up the interior of your house or change the way it looks from the outside. Applying a fresh coat of paint can give you that new look you have always wanted.

Unfortunately painting your home takes time…a lot of time.  While not extremely difficult it is tedious and depending on the height of your home it could be dangerous.

Why spend your time doing something you don’t want to do when you could hire an experienced house painter in Tennessee like Tobin’s Home Services. They are have the time, tools and experience to complete your home project on time and within your budget; freeing you up to do the things you really want to do.

Tips for hiring the right painting contractor

Make a plan

A plan makes everything flow better.  You know what you want, what you need and will have everything ready when making the decision to hire a painting contractor in Tennessee.

  • Is this for your exterior, interior, or both
  • How soon do you need it done?
  • What color(s) do you want?
  • What is your budget?

Finding the right painting contractor in Tennessee

Once you have your detailed plan for painting your home, it’s time to search for available contractors that offer painting services in Tennessee. Referrals from your friends or neighbors are a great start; and a simple Google search can also help you find nearby painting services. Once you have your shortlist, check their experience.


Previous painting experience is very helpful when choosing a painting contractor.  Tobin’s Home Services has over 20 years experience in painting homes (plus other handyman abilities).  You want someone (or company) that knows how to do the job and get the job done on time and within budget.


Painting jobs can be dangerous, especially if your home is tall.  Before hiring a painting contractor, ensure they have the proper insurance to cover any damages to your home or injuries that occur on your property so you will not be liable.


Unfortunately some contractors do not respond in a reasonable amount of time and this is something you want to avoid when hiring a painting contractor in Tennessee. When talking with contractors, see how long it takes for them to respond. Open and regular communication between you and your contractor will help keep your painting project moving forward to a successful completion.


Talk with multiple companies and compare their services and pricing.  You want to make sure you choose the best painting contractor for you.  While the cost of the project is important, consider their experience, response time, and what others think of their past work before you determine whom to hire.

Why choose Tobin’s Home Services as your painting contractor

Tobin’s Home Services offers reliable handyman services in Tennessee and has been helping people like you for over 20 years.

From painting to repair, we provide open and transparent communication, quality work, competitive rates and get the job done on time and within budget.

Make your home look new again with a fresh coat of paint and Tobin’s Home Services.