Handyman Service

Do You Need A Handyman?

As a homeowner you will have various problems in your house that could require special skills. From carpentry to plumbing, painting to electrical; your home will require maintenance and you might even want to update or add an addition in the future.

If you are unable to take care of these issues alone a local handyman in Tennessee, like Tobin’s Home Services, can save you time and money.

5 Essential Handyman Services For Every Homeowner



Drywall is big, heavy and fragile. When you have an unfinished room (or need to replace or fix a hole in the wall) you usually need drywall. It isn’t a hard task, but it does require some finesse to do it right. Once the easy part of putting the drywall onto the studs is complete you have to tape it, mud it, sand it and paint it…if you want it to look good and keep your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Fixture Repair

Lamps break, recessed lighting fails, appliances have problems. Over time, all of your fixtures and devices will breakdown eventually. While you can easily replace a bulb, replacing the actual fixture may be more hassle and take more time than you want to spend if you do it yourself.
Tobin’s Home Services offers professional home repair help in Tennessee for these and other items saving you time and money.

Power Washing

Dirt accumulates quickly. Decks, cars, and of course the outside of your house. A good power wash does more than just remove dirt. When dirt sits for a while it brings bugs and can decay whatever is beneath it, like your siding.
Regular cleaning and power washing, is like taking a shower. It keeps you clean, helps you feel better and look good.
Let Tobin’s Home Services take care of giving your house the shower it needs so it too can be clean and look good again.

Interior and Exterior Home Painting

Once you have cleaned up the house exterior, it could be time for repainting. Maybe you want a new look or just need to spruce up the old paint; and if you are interested in selling your house, a new paint job really makes your house stand out from the others.
House painting takes time, effort and sometimes more expertise than you might have to do the job right the first time.
Tobin’s Home Services has experienced house painters who have been taking care of houses just like yours with their house painting services in Tennessee for over 20 years. Talk with us today to find out how we can help you.

Tile Installation

Ready to update that bathroom? Maybe you want to tile that kitchen?
Tile work can be messy and very time consuming. Cutting tile to just the right dimensions for those corners and non-traditional shapes takes expertise many homeowners don’t have. We can help. From measuring, cutting, sealing and placing those tiles properly, we will have your renovation finished quickly, efficiently and within budget.

From maintenance to specific precise handyman needs in Tennessee, Tobin’s Home Services can help you keep your home looking great and give you the time you deserve to just enjoy living there.